Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Pug Days of Summer

 Saturday, August 4th

Normally, I wouldn't consider a trip from SE Portland to SW Tigard (6 miles) a "trip", but, today was so fun, I knew I needed to share.

A few days ago, I read an article about a woman named Jennifer who put her extreme couponing skills to work, making purchases and putting together care packages for our troops overseas.   When I read that some of the soldiers were starting to request care packages for their K9 partners, I knew my pug Pahoehoe (puh-HOY-hoy) and I had to get involved.

Once my purchases were made, I contacted Jennifer to arrange a meeting point.

What better place to meet than the monthly Portland Pug Meetup?

(The Pug Meetup is held the first Saturday of every month at Potso Dog Park, in Tigard, Or.)

If you've never attended a Pug Meetup, let me just tell you now, they're more active, more snorty, more slobbery, and more full of genuine love than any other function you'll ever attend.
(I don't care how close you and your family are at your reunions)

Pretty in Pink!

Boris waits patiently for me to throw the ball.

I know several different terms for large groups of various wildlife, for example,
A Herd.  A Flock.  A Den.  A School.

I'm pretty sure a large group of pugs is called A Tangle.

I haven't done any actual research to back this up, but, it seems fitting.

Pay attention to me, please!

A good time is always had by all at these monthly playdates.

One or two hours is generally enough for these little guys, especially on such a warm summer day.

Excuse me, is that lap available? 


Toward the end of our playtime, Pahoehoe donates his first care package to a K9 soldier.

Any pug owner can tell you, pugs are lovers, not fighters.
Oh sure, they're skilled negotiators when it comes to begging for treats.  They're also very skilled in evasive maneuvers, especially when it comes to getting their ears cleaned, or taking  a bath.   But combat dogs?  Not so much.
It felt good to send off treats, toys, and personal care items for those who are hard at work.

(We were also told the soldiers love getting cards, letters and photos, so, Pahoehoe included a "Thank-you for your service" letter and a photo of himself as well.)

Who's day wouldn't be brightened by this gorgeous mug?

Thank-you to all our troops (two legged and four legged as well) for fighting to keep our nation (and our parks) safe for us to live in and play.

If you'd like to know more about sending a care package to one of our soldiers (male, female or four legged and furry) please visit

In the meantime, stay safe, play hard, and please, PLEASE,

Throw.   The.   Ball.


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