Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tropigirl is Out to Lunch (Lunch review #1)

Me:  "I think I found a good place for us to have lunch when you come visit.  It's supposed to be haunted."

Mom:  "It sounds great.  I can't wait!"

She doesn't ask where it's at.  She doesn't ask what's on their menu.  It's haunted, so, it must be a great place to go.

I'm talking about McMenamin's White Eagle Saloon in North Portland.

We were warmly greeted as soon as we walked in the door, and told to sit anywhere we were comfortable.  We put off choosing our table for a few minutes to take a quick look around and take a few photos.
We immediately love this place.  Dark hardwood everywhere, dim lighting, a gorgeous bar that covers most of one wall and a handful of curious, vintage knick-knacks here and there give an overall feeling of coziness on the rainy day.

  (Notice the orb just to the side of my mom's head)

Once we've chosen our booth and placed our order, my mom goes to use the restroom.  She returns and says, "something kind of weird just happened....while I was in the bathroom stall, the faucet at the sink started running.  As soon as I opened the stall door, it stopped."
That excited me enough to take a trip of my own to the restroom.
Not a cold chill, goosebump, whispered voice.....nothing.

             (Not a single ghostly image)  :(

We take a couple more pictures just before our food arrives.


Our lunches were fantastic!  We shared a chicken, bacon, swiss sandwich, a french dip, (both on fresh baked rolls) a cup of split pea soup, and two glasses of tomato juice fancied up like bloody marys.  It wasn't just the food that was fantastic, the service was as well.  Our server (oh, I wish I could remember his name) made us feel positively spoiled.

Full and happy, we stop outside to take a couple more pictures before heading home.

(The outdoor patio area is probably a great place to eat lunch in the summer.)

(Notice the orb in the tree)

Many people believe that orbs are spirits, not visible to the naked eye, caught on camera.
Many people believe that orbs are dust particles, not visible to the naked eye, caught on camera.

We choose not to dwell on it too much and instead to just be excited that we got some great pictures while having a great time.

(But, that faucet running in the bathroom......hmmmm....)

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